Meet Gelsey

Volunteer, Student Council President, Social Justice Advocate

Gelsey graduated from Corpus Christi College with the Associate of Arts degree and was accepted to her first choice school, Bishop’s University in Quebec. After moving to a new province and university, Gelsey is an active student,  part-time English Language Assistant and member of student government at Bishop’s University.  Congratulations Gelsey!

Speaking for myself, I learn best when I can ask questions and participate in class. In a 300 person lecture hall, that is just not possible, but at Corpus Christi, I could express my ideas and broaden my learning.

After high school I looked for opportunities that would allow me to grow intellectually and overall as a person. Many people from my high school had come back to visit with positive feedback about Corpus Christi.

The faculty and staff made it an easy transition from my high school to post-secondary. They were extremely welcoming, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they were willing to listen.

Because of its small size, I assumed that Corpus Christi would be like Grade 13, or another continuation of my high school career. As soon as I attended the classes, it became clear size of the school was not an issue but rather a benefit. The community of students at the school was very mature, and held a lot of conviction and ambition.

The professors are knowledgeable and many are also teaching in larger universities. The only difference  at Corpus Christi is they know your name.

My academic advisors are very supportive. As soon as I got to Corpus Christi, they offered lots of academic advice that would lead me to a straight path towards my career goals. Specifically, I am planning to transfer to a university in Quebec next year, and the advisors have been nothing but informative and helpful to me.