Part-time Studies

1. What is the Part-Time Studies program?

a. Overview:

    i. The Part-Time Studies program is part of the larger Continuing Education Program at Corpus Christi and St. Mark’s College. It is aimed toward students who plan to transition into the full-time studies program at our Colleges, and toward students who are looking into upgrading or supplementing their courses before transferring into another institution.

b. Details:

    i. Students can take up to five courses before applying to transfer into the full-time Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, or University Transfer program at Corpus Christi or St. Marks College.

       Find out more about the Associate of Arts degree and University Transfer programs at Corpus Christi College.

       Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts degree program at St. Mark’s College.

2. Process

a. Choose your courses

    i. View the online course catalogue on MyLion, or click on the Course Selection tab to find courses that interest you. 

    ii. Registration for Part-Time Studies courses is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that space in courses is limited. Some courses fill very quickly.

    iii. If you are represented by an agency, select one of the six authorized agencies listed and complete your third party authorization form. Download your form. 

b. Have you met the course prerequisites?

   i. All students are required to meet Corpus Christi College’s English Language Admission Standards before taking courses in the Part-Time Studies program.

   ii. Courses may have prerequisites listed in the course description. Before registering in a course, it is your responsibility to ensure you have completed the prerequisite courses, or their equivalent.

   iii. If a course does not specify a required level of English, a student must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to BC Grade 12 English or satisfy Corpus Christi College’s English Language Admission Standards.

c. Register

    i. Students who are new to the program

        1. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create your MyLion account and register:

           • Open MyLion CCC Part-Time Studies

           • Choose “Looking to start your registration”

               - Enter your email address and a password of your choice.

               - Enter your password once again to confirm.

               - Click “Register my account” to finish.

               - You will receive an email sent by the system for confirmation.

               - If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder.

          • Log in to MyLion using your email address and password.

          • After logging in, click “Application.” Select the semester you would like to apply for. Click “Update this application” to save your choice.

           • Go to “Student Profile”

               - Fill out all the required information.

               - Upload required documents. 

               - Click “Add this student profile” to save your information. 

           • Go to “Mailing Address” 

                - Fill out the address and country.

                - Click “Add this mailing address” to save.

           • Go to “Emergency Contact”

                - Fill out all the required information.

                - Click “Add this emergency contact” to save.

        2. Notes:

            Make sure all four sections (Application, Student Profile, Mailing Address, Emergency Contact) are completed.

            Students will see a check mark beside each section if all required information has been entered correctly. 

            After all four sections are completed, click “Submit Application.” The College will review all requests. Once the college has approved your application, you can log in to MyLion and register for courses.

   ii. Current and Returning Students

        1. Start by opening MyLion.

         2. If you have registered previously though an agent, please confirm with your agent the email address used to open your account.

        3. Log in to your account using your email address and password.

        4. On the the main page, choose “Semester.”

        5. Select the semester you would like to register for.

        6. Select your courses and register. 

d. Prepare for your Courses

    i. Please ensure that you have a copy of your syllabus, and check if you need to buy textbooks for the course.

        1. Textbooks can be purchased through the UBC bookstore or third party sellers, such as Amazon. 

    ii. If your courses are offered virtually, whether fully online or hybrid, please ensure that you have an active UBC CWL account and that you are able to sign in to the UBC Canvas portal.

        1. Log in to UBC Canvas to see your online courses

    iii. Check your class schedule on MyLion.

3. Course Selection 

Courses may last between 8 and 12 weeks, depending on the content and syllabus. Instructional hours are between 36 and 42 hours (or up to 144 hours for English Bridge). 

a. English Core

  • i. English Bridge – 12 weeks
  • ii. English 099 – 12 weeks
  • iii. English 110 – 8 weeks 
  • iv. English 120 – 8 weeks

b. Arts 

  • i. Economics 101
  • ii. Economics 102
  • iii. Economics 205
  • iv. Economics 206
  • v. Geography 102
  • vi. Geography 103
  • vii. Film 100
  • viii. Film 233
  • ix. Film 283
  • x. Spanish 101
  • xi. Spanish 102
  • xii. French 100

c. Science

  • i. Mathematics 230
  • ii. Mathematics 104
  • iii. Mathematics 105
  • iv. Physics 100

4. Tuition and Fees

Please refer to the tuition and fees information on our website. Fees are payable online or through your agent. 

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