President’s Welcome Message

Dear Students and Friends, 

As President of Corpus Christi College, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our remarkable institution at the heart of the University of British Columbia. As a two-year liberal arts school, Corpus Christi has made its name as a caring and dynamic community focused on preparing our students for the journey ahead. Our small classes and our dedicated staff and faculty ensure that our students are never just a number — you will benefit from individualized attention and participate in incredible opportunities that will texture and enrich your time at the college, from leadership initiatives to service-learning trips and more.

Since an overwhelming majority of our students transfer to a university of their choice to complete their 3rd and 4th-year studies, we have made it easy for you to transfer to your university of choice at the end of your two years with us. We offer over 90 university-transfer courses in a multitude of disciplines and areas of interest – from Business and Communication to Science and Anthropology. We also offer many admission and merit-based scholarships and bursaries to assist our students with the cost of their education.

A recent report by the American Association of Colleges and Universities found that over 80% of employers prefer students to study the liberal arts and sciences, with the skills taught in our liberal arts colleges identified as by far the most in demand. Cardinal Newman, in The Idea of a University, reminds us that knowledge for the sake of knowledge is the key to a good education; but at Corpus Christi we bring the life of the mind together with the reality of the real world. We understand that our students want to make a difference, and that they will take their educational gifts and use them to transform the world for the better. That important journey begins at Corpus Christi College. We look forward to making that journey with you.

Dr. Gerry Turcotte

President, Corpus Christi College

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