Dear Donor,

I am the fortunate recipient of the Archbishop’s Award and I wanted to thank you for funding this scholarship. When deciding what school to go to, I was torn over which one to choose. The scholarship is what pushed me to choose Corpus Christi, and I haven’t looked back.    

I have grown to love the College community, and in the past year I have grown both academically and spiritually.  Through the College’s Leadership Program, I was able to volunteer with various outreach programs to help the less fortunate, as well as start a program to tutor young refugees to improve their English and Math skills. Thanks to the scholarship, I have been able to work less and devote more time to volunteering.

With a sense of deep gratitude, I would like to thank you for your investment in the College and in me.  I hope that one day I will be able to give back to the College to help other students reach their educational goals.

Sincerely, Nicholas
Archbishop Miller Scholarship Recipient
Corpus Christi College

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