How Your Gift Helps 

Contribute to Corpus Christi's distinctive mission

Scholarships and Bursaries

Many of our students benefit from financial aid from Corpus Christi College. These funds are in addition to loans and other forms of financial support. Your gift towards Scholarships and Bursaries eases the financial burden of our young scholars and helps realize their dreams as our next generation of leaders.


The enhancement of existing programs, the creation of new ones, and the overall foundational education in the liberal arts as being critical to an individual’s ability to learn, think, and express, all help address the needs of the rapidly changing world. In turn, students are better prepared to take on challenges and serve the society.

Educational Experience

Corpus Christi College’s distinctive mission is to educate the mind, body, and soul. To accomplish this, Corpus Christi College provides an educational experience that includes student and faculty collaborations both inside and outside of the classroom; outreach into the broader local community; experiential learning; engagement in campus life and activities; and leadership development. Gifts from your support provide these opportunities that enhance each of our students’ educational experience in their early post-secondary years.

technology, infrastructure, and building needs

To keep pace with new and developing instructional technology, infrastructure, and building needs, gifts support a campus environment that is conducive to learning inside and outside of the classrooms. 

What your gift means to Corpus Christi

The philosophy of education sets Corpus Christi College apart from many public and secular universities and colleges. This type of education in the liberal arts is so critical because it provides the foundation for students to succeed in their university career. Because we are student focused and that we care deeply about the whole person, students build meaning relationships with their peer, with faculty and advisors, and with the broader community. Corpus Christi College ignites new areas of interest in our students, where they had not considered previously exploring. Many of our students leave the college well ahead of their peer. 

Financial support opens the doors to so many opportunities over and above a basic education for our students. we ask that you make a meaningful gift of support to help grow our donation dollars to take Catholic higher education to the next level.

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