What is university transfer and how does it work? 

Most Bachelor Degree programs offered at universities require 120 credits. Up to 60 of those credits (generally first and second year courses) can be taken at another post-secondary institution. Corpus Christi College offers transfer eligible courses that enable students to take up to 60 credits that can transfer to the Bachelor’s Degree program of their choice at another university. It is important to note that not only do you have to have the correct number of course credits, you must also attain a certain GPA to enter the university of your choice.  

Please ensure you know the application deadlines, GPA, and credit/program/graduation requirements for the university of your choice. You can usually discover these on their respective websites. If you would like further clarity, please book an appointment with an academic advisor.


How many course credits must I have in order to qualify for transfer? 

Students need at least 24 transferrable credits in order to transfer in to university. Typically, a student transferring in to 2nd year university has 24-30 credits. If a student has at least 24 credits, then they their admittance will only be based on their college academics. If a student has less than 24 credits, then their applications will be grouped in with high school applications.  

It is important to keep in mind that you are only allowed a maximum of 60 transferrable credits to your university of choice as universities require students to complete at least half of their degree at the university.


How do I know which courses are transferable to my desired university? 

It is paramount to ensure that that the courses you are taking are transferrable to your desired university. The best and easiest way to do this is to visit BC Transfer Guide. By using the tools on this website, you are able to search if the course you are taking here at Corpus Christi will transfer to your desired university. 

[info]If you would like assistance with learning how to use the BC Transfer Guide website, please book an appointment with one of our academic advisors.[/info]


What if I want to transfer my courses to universities outside of BC/Canada/North America?

If you are interested in transferring to a University out of the province or country, then the best way to see if your courses will transfer is to contact the admissions department at your desired university. This is done at a course by course basis, and they will most likely ask for course syllabi to determine transfer eligibility.


Which courses should I take? 

That is entirely up to you! We encourage you to explore your interests when deciding which courses to take. If you’re still in the process of discovering your passions, then it’s a good idea to try a variety of different courses. If you have a specific program/university in mind, then it is best plan your course selection around the requirements for that program, along with any pre-requisites you might need to take. The requirements and pre-requisites are almost always listed on each university’s website.  

If you need assistance with course selection, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with an academic advisor.


Do I have to earn all my transfer credits within 2 years before transferring before transferring in to year 3 of a particular program?


There is a common misconception that students have to complete their credits within a certain time frame, whether it be for transfer or for graduation. That is simply not true! While it is definitely possible to finish your transfer credits in 2 years in order to transfer in to year 3 of your chosen university, you can actually take as much time as you need. It all depends on what type of course load is right for you.

What is the difference between a full-time schedule and a part-time schedule?


A full time schedule is a course load of 3 or more courses in one semester. This will qualify you as a full-time student. Anything less than that qualifies as a part-time student.


What happens if the course I want to take is full? 

You can sign up for the waitlist through MyLION. If a spot in the class becomes available, you will automatically be enrolled.


Can I retake a course that I’ve passed but done poorly in? 

Per our school policy, students who pass a course are ineligible to take it again. This rule is firm and no exceptions will be made.


Can I take courses at another institution while studying at Corpus?

Yes, you can. You will require a letter of permission first however. You can request one through your MyLION account. It is highly advised to book an appointment with an academic advisor before you enrol in courses outside of Corpus Christi. They can assist you in managing your course selection and course load.


I am a student at another institution. Am I eligible to take courses at Corpus Christi College?

Yes, you are! You will be considered a visiting student here at Corpus Christi College. However, you will have to check with your program and ask them for a letter of permission in order to take courses at an institution outside of your own.  

If you have any questions with regards to a specific course you are interested in, please contact the professor. The Main Office will be able to put you in contact with the correct professor. 


What happens if I fail a class?

If a student fails a class, it will be entered in to their transcript as a “Fail” and the student will not receive credit for that course. Their cumulative GPA will also be lowered, which puts the student at risk for Academic Probation. If you fail a course, you are eligible to take it again. If you are struggling academically, it is advised schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.


How does an online course work? 

An online course at Corpus Christi College is a full credit academic course that has no classroom component. The entirety of the course materials are distributed online by the professor and it is up to the student to complete the course work as planned by the professor. Communication with the professor will be done either during office hours, or online. There will be scheduled examinations that will happen on campus. It is advised that students taking an online course study on campus where there will be less distractions as well as access to peer support.

 How can I get more information?

Corpus Christi Advisors are available to answer your questions in person, via the phone or by email. Contact us in person on the UBC Campus at 5935 Iona Drive, Vancouver, BC. You may also call us at 604 822-6862 or email [email protected]
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