Investing in Success

We Invest in Student Success  

Over the years, we have developed an effective and systematic approach to supporting our students to help them succeed in their university-level studies:  

Student Success Program

An integrated set of information modules and workshops our students attend to get hands-on skills training and support in:
  • time management 
  • note taking 
  • critical thinking 
  • research 
  • academic writing 
  • and more… 

Supportive and enriching academic environment

  • Our faculty choose to teach at Corpus Christi because they’re passionate about their subject area and love teaching 
  • Small classes and closer faculty interaction enable students to feel comfortable asking questions in class, approaching faculty members if they have questions, or taking the discussion deeper 
  • Our faculty members challenge our students to achieve their very best and encourage students to pursue potential academic and career pathways 

fair warning

  • If a student is struggling with a particular class, we have a system in place to provide an early warning that he or she may need more focussed support with organization, time management, academic writing, etc. 
  • Parents are also notified if their child is struggling, giving the family a chance to help identify what’s going on and to offer support 

Social integration

One of the key measures of student success is feeling a sense of belonging. We support the whole person and offer a strong orientation program, an integrated and vibrant student life program, clubs and activities, service learning opportunities, and leadership opportunities: 
  • Office of Campus Life and Ministry
  • Clubs and activities
  • Opportunities to learn leadership skills
  • Service learning and community outreach opportunities
  • One-on-One Advising and referrals to counselling services
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