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Every student at Corpus Christi College has an advisor

Academic Advising is an integral part of student success at Corpus Christi College. We pride ourselves on being a student-first institution, and one of the chief methods this mission is carried out is by is the level of service and care our advisors give to students. This support leads to student confidence with the goal that they feel empowered to take ownership of their education and carry this with them as they move on to a bachelor’s degree or as graduates of our Associate of Arts program.

This means that along with the “nuts and bolts” of academic advising regarding course planning, program requirements, etc., our advisors are committed to offering holistic, “360-degree” advising. This is in recognition that post-secondary education is difficult and that there can be a varying number of factors that can affect a student’s academic wellbeing. Our advisors engage in active listening, offer words of encouragement, and help students identify resources and support that can help them.

Academic Advisors 

Students can contact Academic Advisors directly via email to set up appointments or send general inquiries.

Academic Advising also assists students via email or phone if appropriate. Appointments are preferred for questions or concerns that require more extensive discussion.

Jimmy Lam, Senior Academic Advisor
Room 214
604-822-6862 ext. 141
[email protected]

General email: [email protected].

Drop-in Hours

For your convenience, your Academic Advising is available for drop-in either in-office (Room 214) or via ZOOM during the following times:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:30 – 4:00 PM (excluding holidays and College closures, dependent on advisor availability)

Please note that students dropping in to see an advisor may face wait times depending on the number of students the advisor has to see. 

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Book an appointment

Book online, drop in (see schedules posted on advisors' doors), or email [email protected] for an advising appointment.
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What can your advisor help you with?

Academic Advisors primarily assist students via private appointments, either by booking or drop-in. During these appointments, advisors can help with things like: 
  • Course Planning 
Advisors help students achieve clarity on their interests, passions and goals and assist in choosing the right courses to help students towards completion of their desired program. This can either be a degree program offered at Corpus Christi College, or transfer to another post-secondary institution (such as UBC).
  • General Academic Guidance 
Advisors answer questions pertaining to program/degree requirements, transfer information, application deadlines, personal profile building, and more.
  • Academic Coaching
Advisors help students examine academic concerns and barriers to academic success and provide support in overcoming these issues through conversation and a variety of resources, including (but not limited to) the Student Resource Centre at Corpus Christi College and UBC campus resources (all of which Corpus Christi students have access to).
  • Issues and Concerns within your Courses 
Within courses, advisors can provide support and guidance on how to navigate challenging situations or problems that might arise regarding attendance, performance, policy issues, and more. Outside of courses, advisors can provide support and guidance if a student has health, wellness, or other issues, with proper referral to appropriate resources and with full understanding that life outside academics has a significant impact on academic success.

Academic Advising Workshops and Info Sessions

Academic Advising hosts a series of workshops and info sessions throughout the academic year in order to further student success and help students prepare for their future. Invitations are sent to students via the student newsletter, email and the Academic Calendar. These include:

  • 1st-Year Introductory Group Advising Sessions

    These sessions are held at the beginning of each semester and are aimed at new incoming students to Corpus Christi-St. Mark’s (though open to all students). Sessions focus on general information that will lead to academic success. Topics such as study tips, degree/program information, transfer information and important dates are discussed and are separated between Arts, Business and Science paths.

  • Post-Secondary Transfer Workshop

    This workshop is focused on transfer information and how to effectively use the BC Transfer Guide so students can learn how to keep track of their own transfer requirements.

  • Personal Profile Building Workshop

    This workshop is intended for those students who wish to transfer to a program outside of Corpus Christi College that requires a Personal Profile. At Corpus, this is primarily aimed (but not limited) to students who are hoping to transfer to UBC Sauder School of Business or SFU Beedie School of Business. Advisors use their expertise in helping students understand the purpose of the personal profile and how to effectively write about their experiences. Personal Profiles are an extremely important part of the admissions equation when it comes to applications to the programs mentioned above.

  • Post-Secondary Info Sessions

    Throughout the academic year, Academic Advising invites recruiters/advisors from other post-secondary institutions to talk about their programs and application processes, and to give students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with other institutions and ask questions.

  • Course Planning Workshop

    This workshop is held in August and is aimed at helping first-year students with general advice on course planning. While this workshop does not replace 1-on-1 specific course planning with a student, it explains enough of the basic knowledge to help a student understand what to look out for and how to get started.

Fair Warning

The Fair Warning period is an important part of our advising programming.

After interim grades have been submitted, advisors reach out to students who have 60% or below in their courses. This provides students the opportunity to assess their academic situation and receive support from their advisor. The Fair Warning period is conducted the week before the semester’s withdrawal deadline, which gives students the opportunity to potentially pursue options that avoid a negative mark on their transcript. Students on Fair Warning benefit greatly from a discussion with their advisor on their academic progress and discuss any changes that may be necessary for student success.

Academic Success Program

The Academic Success program is designed to help students on Academic Probation receive support and assist them in regaining good Academic Standing. Students on Academic Probation are automatically enrolled in this program. Academic Advisors are responsible for providing assistance through the obligations of the program by assisting students with degree and program planning and with course selection, as well as by helping students understand College policies. As well, Advisors are the main source of support for students regarding issues, concerns and general academic well-being.

Students enrolled in the Academic Success Program must commit to completing all required components, including the following two main components:
  • 1) Mandatory Regular Meetings with your Academic Advisor
  • 2) Mandatory Referral to the Student Resource Centre
Students remain in the Academic Success Program until they regain good Academic Standing.

Note on Academic Probation:

Academic Probation is defined by a student having a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or below. Academic Probation is officially noted on a student’s permanent statement of grades (transcript). Students on academic probation may not receive permission to take an overload of more than 5 courses. Additionally, students with a cumulative GPA of 1.0 or less will have their course load maximum set at 3 courses. Once a student’s cumulative GPA rises above 2.0, they will be taken off Academic Probation and return to good academic standing.

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