Are Corpus Christi College Courses transferable?

Yes, Corpus Christi courses are transferable. All Corpus Christi College courses are listed on the B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfer website that lists which schools receive Corpus Christi courses for transfer. Corpus Christi's courses are all designed to transfer to UBC and other major universities, but as is the case with all institutions in the province there are also a few courses which have not yet received credit at particular receiving institutions. You will know the transferability of a course before you register. You can check out the details on university transfer in BC at www.bctransferguide.ca.


What is Corpus Christi's connection to UBC?

Full-time Corpus Christi students can access many of the services and benefits UBC offers its students through our  affiliation agreement. Students receive UBC Library Cards, U-Pass Bus Passes and can participate in UBC intramurals, UBC clubs, and use UBC Student Services such as Student Health and Counseling.  

Some Corpus Christi students are also UBC students. Many Corpus Christi students enroll and take courses at UBC through Access Studies or as Visiting Students to UBC. Many UBC students also take courses at Corpus Christi to take advantage of our small class sizes and courses not available through UBC. Many of our instructors are also UBC instructors who have chosen to teach courses at Corpus Christi in addition to their regular UBC classes. These factors result in an easy transition from college life to the larger universities, especially UBC.


How are the courses different from those taught at other universities and colleges? 

Corpus Christi College is first and foremost a student-centered college where instructors understand the value of teaching in a smaller, seminar-style setting. Our class sizes average about 20 students, permitting the instructors to work more closely with every student. They are available to students outside of the classroom and encourage students to use their office hours. The personal attention students receive at Corpus Christi results in a greater understanding of course material and hence, better student performance.


Can I transfer from another post-secondary institution?

Applicants who have earned at least 24 transferable credits from other recognized post-secondary institutions will be considered transfer students; entrance GPA will be calculated solely on these transfer credits. Students with 23 or fewer credits will be evaluated for admission based on both high school and post-secondary transcripts.
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Can student only transfer to UBC after leaving Corpus Christi?

No. In addition to UBC, our students have successfully transferred to SFU, McGill, Queen's, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, Emily Carr University, Bishop's University, Saint Francis Xavier, La Sorbonne (France), Osake University (Japan), and others.


Am I eligible for financial aid, awards and student loans? 

Corpus Christi has one of the most generous financial aid programs in the province. This year money will be given to students through scholarships, bursaries and work study opportunities. Detailed information on specific scholarships is available on our website. Students attending Corpus Christi College are also eligible for government and bank student loan programs.
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Do you have to be Catholic or Christian to attend Corpus Christi College? 

No, students from various backgrounds attend Corpus Christi. Our Campus Life & Ministry Office provides opportunities for all students to take part in campus life. If you are interested in exploring your life as a Catholic or Christian, we are committed to supporting you as you develop and investigate your faith. Because of our dynamic program, most students will choose to take part in events that help them to celebrate their Christian faith and Catholicity.
All student activities are voluntary. We are committed to diversity and respect religious liberty, and we are also very proud of our Catholic foundation and character. Please call us if you have any further questions about faith development at Corpus Christi.
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Is religious education a requirement of the College? 

Corpus Christi College offers a strong foundation in the Liberal Arts, and part of the Arts and Humanities curriculum at any university is Religious Studies. We encourage students to learn more about religion, history, philosophy and literature. In Religious Studies we currently offer courses in Christian History, Islamic History and World Religions. They are not required courses, but are very popular with our students.


How do I apply? 

See the admissions requirements and application process for more details on applying to Corpus Christi. We look forward to meeting you!
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 How can I get more information?

Corpus Christi Recruiters and Advisors are available to answer your questions in person, via the phone or by email. Contact us in person on the UBC Campus at 5935 Iona Drive, Vancouver, BC. You may also call us at 604 822-6862 or email [email protected]

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