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Our Unique Approach Works  

Making a choice for your child’s post-secondary schooling can be both confusing and daunting. Corpus Christi has an excellent track record in providing a successful start to any student's university education, and offers the best of both worlds–a small campus that is just a few steps from the huge UBC campus and UBC offerings. In fact, our students enjoy exceptionally high transfer rates into second- and third-year programs at UBC, as well as other leading post-secondary institutions in BC, across Canada, and around the world. 

We are committed to holistic student success and we believe in recognizing the dignity of every student in our diverse community. In our educational environment students can thrive in their studies, grow as individuals and define success for themselves. The 360 approach to student success supports the different aspects of student life. Our programs provide students with supports and resources to help them create the healthy balance that is right for them.

We are here for your child. We want them to thrive in college, not just survive college.

We’re a best-kept secret

We’re a best-kept secret, but we want to change that! If you have any questions about Corpus Christi, or about post-secondary education in general, we encourage you to call or visit us. Parents are always welcome to set up appointments with our advisors. We enjoy working closely with students and their families as they prepare to apply for university or college. 
For more information, contact our Admissions team at [email protected]
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