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University Courses

Choose from 100+ courses in arts, business, science, digital media, and more  

Our specialty is giving students the best possible start to their university studies by providing academic excellence, passionate faculty, a proven student success program, and an engaging student experience – all just steps from UBC.   

Our intimate class sizes, close faculty interaction, and strong community give our students a definite edge in their future academic studies.
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Courses for Future Teachers

Thinking of a career in teaching? 

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Courses in Business

Are you a born entrepreneur? Do you want a career in the fast-paced world of business? Are you...

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Courses in Digital Media and Communications

Are you a born communicator? Are you interested in a career in marketing, communications, or media?

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Courses in Science & Environment

Are you interested in a career in the sciences? Do you care about the environment?

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Courses in Global Studies

Are you a global thinker? Want to make connections between different disciplines?

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Courses in Faith & Culture

Interested in world religions, mythology, philosophy, and history?

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Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies

Don’t know what you want to study yet? Have a wide variety of interests? Want to explore many...

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Leadership and Service

 An adventure. A defining experience that will last well beyond your college years.

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How to Pick Courses

Wondering how to choose the right courses?