Paying for My Education

Tuition rates at Corpus Christi College are competitive with other public universities in British Columbia.

Understanding Your Costs

It's important to understand the costs associated with your post-secondary education and budget accordingly for your scenario.

Use the Financial Planning and Budget worksheets below to calculate the cost of your education and determine how you will pay for school.
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Every student’s situation is unique. See below for a variety of scenarios when planning your budget. Explore our Financial Aid and Scholarship options for more information on how to pay for school!


  • I will be living with my parents

    Things to consider

    • A great option because living away from home can be expensive. 
    • By utilizing the Success Program services, you can save on monthly transportation costs. 
    • Access the Corpus Christi College app and connect with students to find ride-sharing options. 

    In addition to tuition and fees, you can expect to pay for

    • Bus pass or gas
    • Textbooks
    • Meals & snacks
    • Entertainment

  • I want to live on campus

    Things to consider

    • Corpus Christi College is a commuter campus and therefore does not provide residence to students.
    • The College recommends seeking housing at Carey Centre or at St. Andrew’s Hall, but we cannot guarantee our students housing at these residences. 
    • Contact these residences and be persistent. Students often change their mind or find other housing before September, so even if it seems like there is no vacancy, a room may become available at the end of August or beginning of September. 

    In addition to tuition and fees, you can expect to pay for

    • Textbooks
    • Room & board
    • Cell phone
    • Entertainment

  • I want to live on my own

    Things to consider

    • Living on your own is expensive. You have to pay rent, buy and prepare your own food, do your laundry, pay your bills, etc. All of which can become very stressful if you are not careful with your money. 
    • Build your financial knowledge at The Money Belt.
    • By assessing your financial situation, developing a budget and spending your money wisely, you will be keeping your stress levels in check which will allow you to remain focused on your studies. After all you are still a full-time college student. 

    In addition to tuition and fees, you can expect to pay for

    • Bus pass or gas
    • Textbooks 
    • Rent
    • Food

    (What you buy and how often you eat out determines how much you will spend on food.)
    • Cell Phone
    • Household items
    (Cleaning supplies, shampoo, toilet paper, furnishings, etc...) 
    • Entertainment
    • Other expenses
    (Laundry, insurance, etc...)



Domestic Tuition


Tuition per course

Tuition per BUSN course$936.00
Tuition per Audit$398.40

International Tuition


Tuition per course

Tuition per BUSN course $3510.00
Tuition per Audit$1494.00


Domestic and International Fees


UBC Alma Mater Society Membership* 
U-Pass, Extended Health and Dental, AMS Fees:
             - AMS (per year)
             - Extended Health (per year)
             - U-Pass (per semester)

$277.50 ($185 for Winter intake)
$176.80 ($44.20 per month, starting Summer 1 2022)
UBC Recreation Fee (optional, annual)*$235.43
Student Activity Fee (per semester - Fall/Winter) $225
Student Activity Fee (per semester - Summer)  $112.50

Tuition and fees effective Fall 2022.
  • Other Fees

    • Application fee, domestic and international, full-time & part-time
      $65.00 (one-time, non-refundable) 
    • Deferred exam fee 
      $50.00 (per instance)
    • Grade appeal
      $25.00 (per instance) 
    • Graduation Fee
    • Transcript request, regular
      $10.00 (per request) 
    • Transcript request, rush
      $20.00 (per request)
    • Confirmation of Enrolment
      $5.00 (per request)
    • Letter of Permission**   

      $5.00 (per request)
    • Replacements or duplicates of official documents 
      $10.00 (per instance) 
    • NSF fee*** 
      $25.00 (per instance) 
    • Late payment fee 
      $150.00 (per instance) 
    • Wire transfer fee 
      $25.00 (per instance)



*These fees are paid to St. Mark's College. See
**If you plan to enroll as a visiting student at another institution, you must request a Letter of Permission through your My Lion account, send a copy of your invoice for the course at the other post-secondary institution to Admissions & Records before the add/drop deadline each semester, and send your final transcript from the other post-secondary institution to Admissions & Records.
*** If a cheque is returned for non-sufficient funds after the tuition deadline, the student will also incur the late payment fee of $150.00.


Students can view account balances through their MyLION profiles.

Tuition payment options

Although we are not able to process in-person payments, we have a variety of payment options available to you while the College is closed. You can:
•    Pay through My LION with your credit card
•    Pay through online banking
•    Make a wire transfer
•    Email your phone number to [email protected] if you would like to process your credit payment over the phone
Please note we no longer accept cash, personal cheques or bank drafts.

If you have questions or require support with your tuition payment, please contact Janice Siddall ([email protected]).

Accounts balances are payable online through the following institutions:
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)
  • Canadian Western Bank
  • All BC Credit Unions
  • Select Canadian Credit Unions (view eligible institutions below)

Online banking payment instructions

To pay with online banking, you need a bank account at a Canadian financial institution. Add "Corpus Christi College" as a bill payee and use your Corpus student number (not your UBC affiliate student number) as the bill's account number. (If you are paying through TD bank, enter “Corpus Christi College Society” as payee.)

Please note: Although your payment comes out of your bank account immediately, we will not receive a notification for 24 hours. After the processing your payment will appear on MyLIONPlease retain your payment confirmation records to indicate your exact payment date. 

  • Eligible credit unions and other financial institutions

    BC Credit Unions (ALL USE Central 1)

    Alberta Credit Unions (with the exception of Safeway Employees Credit Union)

    Saskatchewan Credit Unions (with the exception of Conexus and Affinity Credit Unions)

    Manitoba Credit Unions (We do not support transactions from Accelerate Financial, Achieva Financial, Amaranth, Belgian-Alliance, Carpathia, Implicity Financial, La Salle, Maxa Financial, Minnedosa, Niverville, North Winnipeg, Prairie Mountain, Rorketon, Starbuck, and Winnipeg Police.)

    Ontario Credit Unions (with the exception of Adjala, Durham Educational Employees, Meridian, and Smiths Falls)

    Atlantic Credit Unions (with the exception of Prosper Credit Union)

    Other Financial Institutions:
    • ATB Financial (EDI Payments Only)
    • Canadian Western Bank
    • First Nations Bank of Canada
    • CTBC Bank Corp. (Canada)
    • Equitable Bank
    • CFF Bank
    • Alterna Bank 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay partial tuition amounts through My LION?
No, you will not be able to pay a partial amount of your balance through My LION. When paying through My LION, you will need to pay your entire balance.

What if I miss a payment or are late on payment?
Contact [email protected] to discuss your situation. 

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