Reine Sader Mykyte

Reine Sader Mykyte loved her Catholic education at Corpus Christi College so much she’s dedicated her life to helping ensure the next generation has access to it.

Reine attended Corpus Christi College from 1999 to 2001, and is currently the principal of a French Immersion Catholic School in Vancouver, l’École Saint-Sacrement/ Blessed Sacrament School after having served at Coquitlam’s Our Lady of Fatima School and Victoria’s St. Andrew’s Regional High School.

Reine holds a Masters in Educational Administration and Instructional Leadership from the University of Vancouver Island. She received her Bachelor of Education through Simon Fraser University’s Professional Development program.Reine graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in economics and history. In terms of her own Catholic education, Reine attended classes in French immersion before transferring to Holy Cross Regional High School for grades 11 and 12, after which she enrolled at Corpus Christi as part of its first class.

In a recent conversation, Reine recalled being part of the inaugural incoming group, which started at 13 students and saw at nine students complete their two year certificate. She says the students felt like they “were vital members of the community and the college start up.” With that mindset, Reine took on the role of the student social rep and created the student rec room—complete with couches, foosball, pool table, and a fridge.

As for the classes themselves, Reine appreciated the intimate atmosphere and the personalized attention from the professors. She was proud to have studied under Dr. Baldwin for English, Dr. Oberti for Philosophy, and Fr. Hanrahan and Sr. Marina for Theology.

In day-to-day college life, Reine appreciated the opportunity to celebrate Mass on campus and regularly went to the adoration chapel and prayed quietly alongside her classmates.

“I appreciated the space to be quiet and be with Jesus in the chapel,” she said. “[After the graduation Mass], I remember taking my brother and telling him how much I love being here because I can come to the adoration chapel and just sit there and things that didn’t make sense would make sense all of a sudden.”

“There was a lot of confusion as a young adult, but you would sit there with Jesus and you would be OK. Everything would make sense as you are there in that moment.”

Reine remembered the dedication the staff displayed in encouraging students’ connection to their journey in Catholicism. One of the most prominent examples was World Youth Day in Rome. Reine really wanted to join a contingent of young people from Holy Cross Parish for World Youth Day in Rome in 2000 featuring Pope John Paul II. In exchange for student work at the college, Fr. Hanrahan offered his support, so she could head to Italy and take part in the experience. Reine also recalls attending a Catholic Christian Outreach event at St. Mark’s where she had fellowship with her future husband.

“I always remember Fr. Hanrahan his generosity, his example of faith...I always called him a walking genius at that time even though, I don’t think, we showed him that appreciation while we were there,” she said. “Looking back, I completely appreciate his wisdom. It takes some time to reflect back.”

Reine also credits Corpus Christi and Fr. Jim O’Neal for introducing her to Eucharistic ministry, giving her additional confidence in her faith.

“I used to think that I was not humble—not worthy of serving or giving Christ to others. So [Fr. O’Neal] told us something that would change my mind. He said that Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Go and feed my people,’” she recalled. “And that’s what always stuck with me every time I serve as a Eucharistic minister.

Reine returned to Corpus Christi for its 10-year anniversary in 2010. As part of the reunion, the alumnae took a tour of the campus to share memories and see what was new since they had graduated.

“Even though we’re on different paths now, that’s where we met,” she said. “Then, of course, we grew together and we all took different routes and different paths in life. But if we ever see each other again, we remember that that’s where it started, as our friendship together.”