Past Event

Coffee Chats with Alumnus Mari Narciso

Join us for Coffee Chats with Corpus Christi alumnus Mari Narciso! Get the chance to talk to Mari about music and marketing.

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Emanuel (Mari) Narciso graduated from Sauder School of Business with a BCom specialization in Marketing. After a formative year at Corpus Christi College, Mari quickly got himself involved in student life in UBC (President, Blank Vinyl Project), while completing Co-op placements (YVR, Vidyard) and finding time for school in between. Equipped with a unique background in sales/marketing and a passion for music, Mari's undergrad highlights consist of playing the opening set of Block Party, and throwing UBC's largest student-run music festival ever. Now, he is working on the COVID-19 response team at Iridia Medical while working as a recording artist and musician.