10 Back-to-Campus Essentials

Until this month, it had been a while since we had stepped foot into the classroom, and many of us are still getting used to life on campus. If you're taking classes in person, you've probably noticed by now that getting ready in the morning takes a bit more planning when you have to leave your bedroom to go to school.

To help make your mornings easier, our student interns put together a list of the campus essentials that keep them feeling productive, energized, and comfy, even on the busiest of days.

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1. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is important for your overall health, and a good insulated water bottle that fits in your bag will help you meet your daily water needs while keeping your drink cool throughout a long day of classes and extracurricular activities. Plus, in the long run, you'll save money and help the environment by investing in a sturdy, reusable water bottle rather than buying water on campus.

2. Slim wallet

A good cardholder to keep your cards organized is a must for every college student. As a college student, you'll have to keep track of many cards - your student ID card, UBC affiliate card, Compass card, library card, and more. A good cardholder with an ergonomic design will fit comfortably in your pocket for easy access and ensure that your cards are in place.

3. Agenda or notebook 

Some of us rely on the calendar apps on our phones to schedule our lives, but for those who wish to minimize screen time, investing in an agenda is a great alternative to keep your life organized.

Likewise, a good notebook is essential for writing down notes during class or organizing your thoughts before writing an essay. Pick a notebook with high-quality, thick pages, which will ensure your writing will not bleed through.

4. Headphones

Whether you're on a long bus ride or working out at the gym, a good pair of headphones to listen to your favorite music and audiobooks will help you pass the time or keep you more focused. Choose a pair with noise-reducing capabilities to tune out excess noise (and your noisy roommate).

5. Dorm Art

If you live in campus housing or just moved into your first apartment, make your room feel like home by investing in some personalized dorm art. Dorm rooms are known for their drab furnishings, so make your room unique to you by investing in interesting decorations which reveal your personality.

6. Hoodie

We all know that feeling when you wake up later than expected and have less than half an hour to get ready for school. For some, picking out outfits in a rush can be a hassle. That’s why it is important to invest in a good hoodie. Pair one with a pair of jeans to go to class, or a pair of sweatpants for the gym.

7. Sweater

If a hoodie isn't your style, a good sweater is the ultimate piece of clothing for the fall season. Not too casual and not too dressed-up, a sweater can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the occasion and is bound to keep you warm and cozy during the fall and winter months.

8. Jogger pants

Jogger pants, which are slim-cut and made of sweat-wicking material, are a great addition to any college student’s wardrobe. These pants are highly versatile and can be worn in the gym or in the classroom. Jogger pants are perfect for when you feel too lazy to pick an outfit but still want to look good.

9. Dad hat

The dad hat is a go-to clothing item for when you are in a rush to do your hair in the morning. Pick a hat in a neutral colour, such as black or navy, to pair with a variety of outfits.

10. Waterproof boots

Vancouver is called “Rain City” for a reason. Especially if you're commuting, invest in a pair of waterproof boots in order to ensure your feet are dry during the wettest months of the year.

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