Chester, Canine Executive Officer

Many universities offer orientations and campus tours but if you are looking for a different kind of welcome, look no further than Chester, the animal ambassador at Corpus Christi College.

Chester welcomes students, parents, and staff with a wag of his tail and deep brown doe eyes that reflect the warmth of Corpus Christi. Affectionately known as the Canine Executive Officer (CEO), Chester’s CEO duties involve lounging in sun spots, staring at students while they eat, and bringing joy wherever he goes. Chester loves to sprawl outside the Welcome Centre and greet every visitor to the campus.

Spending time with our furry friend Chester can do wonders for your mood while writing a never-ending essay or during a tough exam period. If you are interested in rewarding Chester for a job well done, he accepts approved treats and tummy rubs as payment.

Check out the @corpusvancouver Instagram account where Chester updates students on his work at the College and receives fan mail.

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