Weather alert

There is snow in the forecast. Students are advised to plan accordingly. Exercise caution and give yourself extra time as you make your way to campuses.

When the Colleges are open, classes and exams will take place and exams are expected to begin on time.

Closure notification
If the school is closed, a decision will be made before 6:30 a.m. of a work day, including Saturdays when classes or exams are scheduled, and posted on the school website. In severe weather, all members of the College community are to consult the websites of Corpus Christi College and St. Mark’s College.

If the Colleges are open, exams will take place. Exams are expected to begin on time. If a majority of students are not in attendance, the instructor can use their discretion to decide whether the exam can begin 30 minutes later and the exam end time will extend accordingly. Once the exam begins all students are to remain in the exam room for at least 1.5 hours during which time students arriving late can enter the exam. Instructors must maintain the security of the exam and will not allow students to start writing the exam if other students have already finished and exited the exam room. Those who enter late, within the 1.5 hour block, due to weather can have the full amount of time for the exam. Those who do not arrive for the exam due to weather are to write an alternate exam during the conflict days.