Honorary Fellows

Experts and Mentors

Honorary Fellows represent a network of ‘thought leaders’ from diverse backgrounds recognized for their contributions to their communities:
  • Distinguished academics
  • Respected experts
  • Prominent industry leaders

In their participation in the College’s Circle of Fellows program, Honorary Fellows bring experience, passion, and vision from their respective backgrounds to lecturing, mentoring and experiential learning opportunities for students who are chosen for the College’s Circle of Fellows Scholarship program. Student recipients of the Circle of Fellows Scholarship become Junior Fellows.

Honorary Fellows create possibilities for these Junior Fellows to make connections between classroom learning and real-life experiences and guide Junior Fellows to become future leaders committed to the highest goals of lifelong learning.

Individuals nominated to be invested as Honorary Fellows will exemplify the utmost personal and professional standards, they will serve as an inspiration and model for students, faculty, staff, and the broader Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, and they will reflect the mission of the community of St. Mark’s, wherein Corpus Christi College is a member, as a place of education, faith and community.
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How to become a Junior Fellow

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Circle of Fellows Award

What do Junior Fellows receive?

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