Associate of Arts Degree

Get an extra advantage on your way to a Bachelor's Degree

Whether or not you plan to continue at another university, you can choose to earn an Associate of Arts (AA) degree while completing 2 years of courses at Corpus Christi College. The Associate of Arts degree is a provincial credential offered by many institutions in BC.

Designed to provide broad-based knowledge and experiences in preparation for entering the workforce, or as a foundation for further undergraduate study, the AA degree is an excellent credential to have on your resume, and gives you an edge when applying for Bachelor’s programs. Learn strong critical thinking and sought after research skills as you study English, philosophy, psychology, economics and more

The AA degree at Corpus Christi College can offer an internship or practicum in Year 2 – so you can also get some job-ready skills and work experience under your belt!

How It Works

Our Academic Advisors are trained in guiding students through the transfer process and completion of the Associate of Arts degree. Your first step is to contact an Advisor and express your interest in the AA program. 

Our AA Checklist will help you plan which courses to take. To use it, click the button below to download the checklist, and make an appointment with your Academic Advisor. Together, you'll go over your credits and make a course plan to complete your AA and graduate from Corpus Christi College.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the AA 

The BC Transfer Guide website, operated by the government of BC, offers information on AA requirements, transferring, benefits, and frequently asked questions. Learn more

Some universities will guarantee 60 transfer credits to holders of an associate degree, even if all the courses taken towards the degree do not transfer individually to that institution. Learn specific policies for each institution