Applying to Graduate

In order to graduate, you must submit a formal application for graduation.

If you plan to graduate, you must submit an application regardless of whether or not you intend to participate in the scheduled ceremonies. Please review the information below before starting your graduation application.

Graduation Fee - $50

You are required to pay the graduation fee, even if you are not attending Convocation. Late applications are charged an additional $25.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have met all academic requirements for completion of your degree. If your application is approved, you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar approving your graduation. If you are currently registered in courses required for graduation, you will not be approved until after the current semester has ended. If you are unsure if you have met the academic requirements, please contact your Academic Advisor.


Your parchment is a scroll of paper embossed with the name, crest and seal of the College. It includes your name, the date, your degree and any defining characteristics where applicable.

Parchments are only issued once a year during Convocation. Students who do not participate in the Convocation ceremony can pick up their parchment from the Office of the Registrar up to 10 days following the ceremony, after which it will be mailed to the address on file. Please ensure your information is up to date in My LION.

Financial Holds

Students with outstanding tuition or fees will not receive their parchment or transcript until the debt has been settled. These graduates may be allowed to attend their Convocation ceremony with other graduates, however their parchment and transcript will be held. Once the debt has been settled, it is the graduate's responsibility to contact the Office of the Registrar to discuss delivery and pick up options.

Transfer Credit

A minimum of 50% of your program must be completed at St. Mark’s College or Corpus Christi College.
If you have transfer credit from another institution you will be using for your degree, please ensure you have submitted the official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar. Transfer credit cannot be approved until the College evaluates the official transcript.

Use of Information

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations will receive your information, unless you notify the College in writing.

Forms must be completed and submitted to [email protected].
The $50.00 graduation fee must be paid on MyLION.


Contact Rikki Liu, Coordinator, Registrarial Services
E: [email protected]