Balancing Act: Social Life & School

By Deirdre O'Callaghan
Health and Wellness Supervisor, Campus Life and Ministry

Finding a balance between your academic life and social life can be extremely challenging and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Enjoying college life while still doing well can seem like two irreconcilable ideas, but that doesn’t need to be the case. With a few strategies to keep on top of your academics, you can still have time left to enjoy life!

Resist temptations

Use those short gaps of time in between classes or events to fit in some homework or studying instead of hanging around and ‘killing time.’ This can help to free up more of your weekends and evenings for things you enjoy.

Set priorities and schedule your time.

By planning your day or week ahead of time, you’re better able to maximise the amount of work you can get done. Instead of being unsure of what to work on or overwhelmed by all the deadlines looming in the distance, you can stay focused and finish what you need to do.

Spend free time with your friends

This doesn’t mean spending less time studying, but shuffling your study time so that you can enjoy your social time.

Ditch Netflix and enjoy the study break with some friends.

Find a quiet workplace

Easily distracted? Not getting as much done as you want? Try finding a new place to study, like the library or a study hall. UBC has many libraries and areas for students who are needing a quiet area to get work done. Check out this link for a list of great places to study:

Join a club

As a student at Corpus Christi and St. Mark’s College, you have access to the many clubs and activities that happen right next door at UBC. This is a great way to get to know others who share your same interests while enjoying a break from the books. Corpus Christi also has a few clubs of its own! Check out the Corpus Christi app under the Groups & Clubs tile to see how you can get involved.

Take care of your body

To be at your best, your body needs a balanced diet, sleep, exercise, and fun. When you’re feeling well, your academics will reflect it. Remember to keep on top of your work but also to take care of yourself.

Being a student is a full-time job. Have fun with friends but remember that school requires your attention every day.

If you leave studying and schoolwork to the last minute, there won’t be enough time to get the mark that you could. Balancing academics and a social life will always be a challenge, but when you find what works best for you, you can enjoy life and school at the same time.