Can exercise be easy?

By Deirdre O'Callaghan
Health and Wellness Supervisor, Campus Life and Ministry

Finding the time to get exercise can be difficult as a student. With classes, papers, exams, labs and having a life outside of school, it can seem impossible to get in physical activity weekly, let alone daily.

Check out these easy tips to integrate easy exercise into your daily routine.

Try toothbrush wall squats

Brushing your teeth is something we do every day, so instead of standing over the sink, try leaning against the wall in a seated position. This will build muscle in your legs in a short space of time. Remember to have your back flat against the wall and your knees positioned behind your toes.

Study in motion

Take your notes or textbook to a gym and study while walking on a treadmill.This increases blood flow to your brain, so you’re more likely to remember what you’re reading.

Keep moving while keeping on top of your schoolwork.

Ride your bike to school!

Starting off your day with exercise is a positive way to boost your metabolism and your mood. It helps to strengthen your muscles and get your heart rate up. Even if you have to commute from far away, try biking part of the way.

Park farther away or get off a stop early

A brisk walk can do loads of good for your body, mood, and ability focus. Add a little distance and get some easy exercise.

Study break jumping jacks

Getting antsy or distracted? Try doing a few minutes of jumping jacks to refocus and get energized.

Take the stairs

Even though this is one of the most common suggestions, it can be the best. Stairs can take the same amount of time as waiting for the elevator, especially if it’s only a few flights.

There will always be stairs and an opportunity to get moving! 

Work exercise into your daily schedule

Scheduling gym visits for a short amount of time for three days of your week is just as important as cramming for that exam or finishing that paper. It will help you focus and increase your productivity. Check out the Corpus Christi Academic & Activities Calendar to get more information about the Running Club’s weekly runs and other fun activities.

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