Meet the Circle of Fellows Scholars

Corpus Christi is pleased to announce the first recipients of our inaugural Circle of Fellows Scholarship program.

Chosen from a competitive field of high school applicants, the new “Junior Fellows” are dedicated, empathetic leaders who have the vision and desire to change the world for the better.

Scholarship winners underwent a comprehensive evaluation process including nominations, written applications and panel interviews. Faculty, staff and alumni assessed applicants based on their academic achievements, character strengths, leadership experience, and service contributions.

An innovative scholarship program for passionate and determined students, the Circle of Fellows Scholarship is a 2-year scholarship inclusive of tuition and co-curricular support. Recipients benefit from personalized mentorship; guaranteed opportunities for service, leadership, and internships; and participation in a dynamic network of scholars and respected industry leaders. Find out more about the Circle of Fellows.


Gabriella is currently a student athlete and is involved with volleyball, basketball, and track and field teams. Dedicated to service, Gabrielle volunteers every weekend with Bumpin Bakery, providing food and fellowship on the Downtown Eastside. She is also active as a Counsellor for St. Augustine’s Outdoor Education Camp and an Office Assistant for Evergreen Nursing. She has performed in theatre productions, and has been a Learning Buddies Tutor and Encounter Leader. She aspires to study Psychology and become a Counsellor.

“Gabriella has been a dedicated, helpful and cheerful volunteer who consistently comes to help bake and has joined us on the DTES for service every Sunday for almost a year.”


Raisa is a three-time “Student of the Year” winner, Honours Society member, and Peer Mediator. Dedicated to social activism, Raisa participates in the Social Justice Club, Youth in Action, and Community Care and Reverence for Life events.

An accomplished performer, Raisa lends her talents to “Right Here, Write Now,” a fundraising musical that has successfully generated over $200, 000 for local and international charities.

“Raisa comes from a family that creates and puts on fundraising musicals to help less fortunate people in third-world countries. They even took the show on the road to California ... This shows that she has a vision for change-making and social awareness.”


Lauren is a long-time camp counsellor for Camp Qwanoes Step Out Leadership Program and CIT. She has also served as a youth ministry leader at Christ the Redeemer Parish, and was an active member of the Model UN team and Graduation Committee. She participated in both mathematics and computing contests, including the Cayley Contest and Galois Contest. She works as a lifeguard, and aspires to become a pediatric nurse.

“As a Youth Ministry leader, Lauren is committed to being a positive and passionate role model for the youth she serves.”


Grace has volunteered extensively as a track coach for track club youth and the Run Jump Throw program, as well as a school concert organizer and tutor, and as part of the Decisive Leaders program. She plans to embark on a career in international relations, hoping to bring a Christian perspective to government.

“Grace remained an astute critical thinker and writer, driven by strong interests for justice and equity. She has strong gifts for being able to present advanced thoughts, both orally and in written form.”

To Our Donors: Thank You for Inspiring Students to Reach Their Goals!



Circle of Fellows Scholarships are sponsored by donors who are change-makers with a keen interest in the potential of students as future entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers, policy makers, environmental advocates, healthcare professionals, and many more impactful professions.

We wish to thank the many donors who sponsored our first four scholars, and share the great news that ten more donors have stepped up to sponsor more Circle of Fellowship Scholarships for 2019-2020!